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Goodfriend Beer Garden // The East Da...

Goodfriend Beer Garden // The East Dallas Patio and Burger Joint

East Dallas isn’t known as the burger bar mecca but Goodfriend is the shit. You want a good patio and good beer? Then get your ass to Goodfriend. FRIED BOLOGNA BURGER BECAUSE THIS IS TEXAS PEPPER BURGER BECAUSE THIS IS THE SOUTH Some of the Best Fries in Town. I am serious, if you get […]

Twisted Root // Guy made me do it

Twisted Root // Guy made me do it

Guy Fieri told me to go to Twisted Root because the burgs are legit. He didn’t tell me you can convert any burg into a dog. Fucking brilliant operators. Buffalo Burger with a pump of bleu cheese chilling on top. Wolf

Steve n Pat’s Bon Temps // Lafa...

Steve n Pat’s Bon Temps // Lafayette, LA

I was lucky enough to have Yelp guide me to Steve n Pat’s down in Lafayette, LA last week. Okay, Yelp didn’t lead me to Lafayette, just the restaurant. The barkeep said the fish tacos were off the chart. I took his advice and they were heaping servings. The mango was pretty swag too.

Pro Tip // If you want good brisket, ...

Pro Tip // If you want good brisket, don’t chug whisky

Saturday this happened.

Savor on the Park // This place is th...

Savor on the Park // This place is that good

I went to Savor last week and guess what, it lived up to the hype and exceeded my expectations. The weather was very cooperative and there was no doubt I was going to pull the trigger on some winners so here is the rundown… 1. Rosemary Moscow Mule If I was rich, I would only […]

Aw Shucks // Functioning Anarchy

Aw Shucks // Functioning Anarchy

You know this place as the tiny blue restaurant on middle Greenville Avenue with the patio that’s jamming every pretty day, Aw Shucks. I patronized them this weekend and got the lowdown for you. You order inside but it’s fucking chaotic. People are standings around, waiting to get a refill from the order takers, the staff […]

Starkville, MS // Late night drunk mu...

Starkville, MS // Late night drunk munch

I went to Starkville with no expectations. One goal in mind, drink at every bar in the Cotton District. Given the fact it was a holiday weekend, CD was dead and it was no challenge getting from bar to bar. The drinks are dirt cheap and everyone is there with a common vision, getting turnt. […]

The Parlor // Pretty much the only im...

The Parlor // Pretty much the only important thing in Downtown Jackson

It’s not like Jackson, MS is on your radar for places to visit or a destination for a top notch culinary experience. If you’ve spent time Downtown, you’re familiar with the speed walking bums that power walk laps around certain blocks in hopes of “buying” a cigarette off you or receiving leftovers. Yeah, that shit […]

Joe T. Garcia’s // Swag patio a...

Joe T. Garcia’s // Swag patio and gas station tamales

A couple weeks ago I was at the grocery store and picked up some local salsa from Joe T. Garcia’s. It’s up there with Mrs. Renfro’s in terms of quality. In my small world I thought Joe T. just made salsa then I saw a freaking restaurant named after the salsa. It’s the same company, […]

The Lot // You know what you’re...

The Lot // You know what you’re signing up for

I read online that The Lot is “kid friendly” and “you gotta try the enchiladas”. So I went there to see what it’s all about. I arrived for a late lunch, the weather was just right so I grabbed a seat on the patio. As it turned out, this place is basically a playground for […]

Monkey King // The Noodles You’...

Monkey King // The Noodles You’ve Been Waiting For

Team, I once took great pride in my consumption of maruchan top ramen in college. We used to make it with beer instead of water, bad idea. So it’s been a couple years since I enjoyed some good noodle soup. Thankfully the Dallas food blogosphere led me to Monkey King in Deep Ellum. I asked […]

HG Sply round 2

HG Sply round 2

Feeling disappointed about my first visit, Shewolf and I went back for round 2. I’m going to keep this short and sweet,  it was awesome. We shared pork shanks and we both caught ourselves wishing we had a couple more orders. They were wrapped in bacon, logical, and super tender. “I had to Wikipedia shank […]

HG Supply

HG Supply

I went to HG Supply over the weekend and I felt like I was literally in a fucking real life Pinterest. I’m talking about Edison bulbs, pipe lamps, exposed brick, all wrapped around a beautiful paleo menu. There was an EPL match projected on the wall which was like a cherry on top. THIS IS […]

The Temptress

The Temptress

This local lady… fulfiller of dreams…  slayer of evil thoughts…

The Rustic – Put a pork skin o...

The Rustic –  Put a pork skin on

Look at these lil chicks hanging out. Pat Green must’ve hired a redneck stoner in the kitchen cause the deviled eggs at The Rustic got a damn pork rind on top that junt. They were really good y’all. Not too mustardly and the crunch on top was an excellent touch. I was in a burger […]

R+D Kitchen – mustardly is now ...

R+D Kitchen – mustardly is now a word

I went on a Thursday night and this place was jamming hard as hell. The waiter confirmed my suspicion that the deviled eggs were worth my time. These little guys were stuffed a mile high.  I loved the flavor, very mustardy… is that a word, is it mustardly. The star of the show was this […]

Brunch at Smoke

Brunch at Smoke

I had one of those moments this weekend. You know ah ha moments where you feel like you find something that’s been right in in front of you for a fucking year. Well, I found Oak Cliff and more importantly Smoke. Team, it’s a place that opens at 8am everyday. The brunch on Saturday was […]

Holy Michelada

Holy Michelada

My first experience with a michelada was at a beer festival in Little Rock, Foam Fest. It was more than 3 years ago buy I remember it vividly. It was hosted in the Rivermarket Pavillion and a huge thunderstorm rolled in towards the end of the fest. Back to my unholy first michelada experience. I […]

Deep Sushi climbing the stack rank

Deep Sushi climbing the stack rank

Paper thin japs and Sriracha? Deep Sushi knows the way to my heart. You are my defacto sushi joint.

A house named burger

A house named burger

Sometimes you want a burger. I’m not talking about a burger with truffle oil and gouda cheese, I mean a classic burg with the basics. Today I drove past Burger House in University Park and it literally screamed my name. It looks like it’s been sitting there waiting on me my whole life. As I […]